Information Technology
Liability Insurance

IT Liability Insurance provides
specialist coverage for technology companies, IT consultants and contractors

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What is Information Technology Liability Insurance?

IT liability insurance covers technology businesses and IT professionals and contractors against legal and financial liabilities arising from technology-related issues related to the IT products, services or advice they offer. Also known as Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance (Tech E&O Insurance), it can help pay for any errors or omissions in the services that technology businesses provide.

Information Technology Insurance combines cover for Professional Indemnity, Public & Products Liability and Cyber Crime as technology companies and IT professionals and contractors face risks associated with products and services, including advice. This combined policy ensures you avoid gaps in coverage that can arise if policies are placed separately.

What Tetris IT Liability Insurance Covers

Civil Liability arising from provision of
IT Services and IT Products

Faulty designs and inaccurate advice

Misleading and deceptive conduct

Breaches of intellectual
property rights

Contractual Liability

Slips and falls on your premises

Fraudulent and dishonest acts

Injury caused by you or one of your employee’s negligence


Loss of documents and data

Fines and penalties

Damage to a third party’s property

Product Recall expenses

Why is Information Technology Insurance important?

Server room_IT company_IT Liability Insurance_Information Technology Insurance

Information Technology is a complex and ever-changing industry, with unique risks. As the reliance on technology continues to grow, risks and potential liabilities for technology businesses, IT consultants and IT contractors also increases. Some examples of possible risks include data breaches, cyber attacks, intellectual property infringement, and other IT-related risks. 

Information Technology Insurance has been created to protect businesses from these unique risks which can result in potentially significant costs of legal fees, settlements, and damages.

Key Risks for IT Businesses

Professional negligence claims can be made against IT professionals associated with acts, errors or omissions over a range of IT services they provide. Any professional advice you give to clients can be used against you.

Damage or hacking of software or IT systems. This includes backup and disaster recovery, phone systems and storage. If there was a leak of data or breach of confidentiality after being hacked, you could suffer financial, legal and reputational costs.

Who Needs IT Liability Insurance?

Any IT business or IT consultant that develops, sells, manufactures, licenses, integrates or sells any form of information technology, product or service, including IT advice should strongly consider getting Information Technology Insurance coverage, and specifically the following:

IT Liability Insurance is particularly important for businesses that rely heavily on technology to store sensitive data or conduct transactions online.

Information Technology Liability Insurance that fits your needs

At Tetris Insurance we understand the unique risks associated with Information Technology. Our expert team of insurance brokers can provide you with the specialist IT Liability Insurance you need to protect your business at competitive prices.