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Our Product Range

Truck & Heavy Vehicle

Truck Cover, Commercial Motor, Motor Fleet, Business Interruption, Public Liability, Goods in Transit Insurance / Marine Cargo

Building & Trade

Insurance for Builders, Capenters & Joiners, Landscapers, Plumbers & Gas Fitters, Concreters, Painters, Roofers, Electricians

Business & Commercial

Business’ premises and contents, against loss, damage, or theft, also offering protection against financial loss experienced from an insured interruption.

Earthmoving & Heavy Machinery

Operator liability insurance to insurance of an an entire fleet of earthmoving and heavy machinery equipment.


Spread your business insurance costs by paying in instalments to suit your needs

Information Technology Liability Insurance

We provide IT liability insurance, safeguarding technology businesses and professionals from legal and financial liabilities stemming from technology-related issues associated with their products, services, or advice.


We offer full servicing for our clients including a full cycle claims management system.

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About Us

At Tetris Insurance, we use the experience we have gained through working with Australia’s largest insurance broking groups and Insurers to protect our clients assets and lifestyles. We do this along with educating current and prospective clients on how to maximize their cover whilst minimizing costs of various types of insurance policies.

Capability Statement

Why Choose Us

Higher Service Level

The experience and knowledge offered by Tetris Insurance allows us to provide our clients with a high level of service which we believe is paramount in building trust whilst showing our commitment to our customised service levels.

Time is Money

We understand that time is money for our clients so being able to provide our service in a timely manner is paramount to our value proposition.

High level of experience

With 20+ years of experience within the insurance industry, our brokers have extensive knowledge of our products, allowing for better cover and pricing in our speciality areas. E.g. Transport & Logistics, Strata Insurance / Body Corporate

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